Politicians Honor Code



Pledge to Abide by an Honor Code

Too many candidates for public office, elected representatives, and others connected with politics lie to us. We know it, and they know it!

Many lie to gain power and/or for their self-interest and self-enrichment. And they are often rewarded for lying with contributions, party loyalty, coveted committee assignments, media coverage, and getting elected.

Their lying is destroying relationships and families. It is tearing apart communities and damaging our country, and people have been harmed and have died.

They have a First Amendment right to lie to us, and some avail themselves of this right. They never told us they would not lie to us. And we, as a country, have never told them not to lie to us. That is until now. If you don't tell them to stop lying to you, and stop now, you are giving them your implicit permission to continue to lie to you and treat you as their Useful Idiot!

The women and men in our service academies (West Point, the Naval Academy, Air Force Academy, Coast Guard Academy, and Merchant Marine Academy), who have or one day may lay down their life for our country, pledge to abide by an honor concept or code. These codes may include a pledge not to to lie, cheat, steal. Some add, or tolerate those who do.

If these women and men servicing our country can take a pledge, then so too can candidates for public office and elected representatives. We know candidates and representatives can, and will, take a pledge. Since nearly 1,400 of them, including 225 members of Congress, have taken a pledge basically not to raise taxes, then they can take the Politicians Honor Code pledge.

Ask your candidates for public office and elected representatives if she or he has taken the Politicians Honor Code pledge.

If they haven't, download the pledge, send or give it to them, and ask them to "Take The Pledge" - now! Or contact us, and we will ask them on your behalf.

Read our press release and join our nationwide "Take the Pledge" campaign.


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