Press Release – Santos’ NY District 3 – Special Election – February 13, 2024 – Will They Pledge?

NY District 3’s – Suozzi and Pilip Have Been Asked to Publicly Pledge They Will Not Lie, Cheat, Steal, or Tolerate Those Who Do. They Haven’t.  Will They Pledge Before the February 13, Special Election?

Sleepy Hollow, N.Y. February 8, 2024 /Politicians Honor Code/ — Democrat Tom Suozzi and Republican Mazi Pilip, congressional candidates to replace the world-famous liar George Santos in NY District 3, have not publicly pledged to their future constituents that they will not follow in Santos’ footsteps and lie to them, cheat, or steal. Both candidates were sent the Politicians Honor Code Pledge three times, two of which were hand delivered to their offices. The last hand delivery was yesterday, six days before the special election. The pledge that they will not lie, cheat, steal, or tolerate those who do is modeled after codes or concepts of honor at our federal service academies. It has been signed by other candidates and elected representatives. The pledge can be found and downloaded at

Michael Doorley, founder of the Politicians Honor Code “Take the Pledge” campaign and keeper of the pledge database says, “if constituents in any congressional district in the United States must demand that their candidates and elected representatives take and abide by the honor code pledge, it should be the disgraced NY District 3. They elected Santos, and their local Republican party nominated and supported him. Doorley continues, “television campaign ads for Suozzi and Pilip are flooding the greater New York City area accusing the other of lying. Are either one of them or both lying, Doorley asks?  One might expect that after the embarrassing world-wide negative media coverage and their cries and petitions to remove Santos, these NY 3 constituents, from one of the wealthiest communities in the country, would be smarter and demand that their candidates pledge their honesty.” 

Politicians have a First Amendment right to lie to us. They never told us they would not lie to us, and we, as a country, have never publicly told them not to lie to us—that is, until now. That is what the pledge does. We must demand that candidates and elected representatives “Take the Pledge.” Doorley explains, “the pledge was modeled after codes or concepts of honor at our federal service academies—West Point, and the Navy, Air Force, Coast Guard, and Merchant Marine academies. If the women and men in our service academies who may one day lay down their lives for our country can make a pledge of honor, then so too should candidates for public office and elected representatives.” He notes the pledge may not be the final answer, but it is a simple and logical starting point and a first line of defense.

The campaign is initially focusing on the legislative and congressional branches of our federal government since they are best positioned to set the ethical “Tone at the Top.” The pledge has been sent to virtually every member of the 117th and 118th Congress, and to the president and vice president – Pledge Database. In addition, it was hand delivered to most of the best recognized candidates for president (attached), and to party offices and to a district office for each member of Congress in NY, CT, RI, MA, ME, NH, VT, NM, and IA. Over 7,500 miles of travel to approximately 100 offices.

Michael Doorley, CPA, was a 35-year financial services executive serving in CFO, CAO, COO, and board positions. He founded, chairs a special interest group, and he guest lectures on our national debt. His articles on the national debt have appeared in Newsweek, BoardIQ and New York State’s The CPA Journal.

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SOURCE Take the Pledge Campaign