Our Mission and Goals

Our Mission

The vast majority of American’s do not trust elected representatives to do the right thing, all, or most of the time, according to a recent nationwide study. Politicians and elected representatives consistently rank exceptionally low on trustworthiness.  



Our mission is to increase the trustworthiness of the men and women who are candidates for public office, elected representatives, or others connected with politics for the betterment of our government operations and the United States of America and its people.



Our Goals

1) Create a grassroots “Take the Pledge” campaign to have candidates for public office, elected representatives, and those connected with the politics take and execute a pledge to abide by an Honor Code which includes a commitment not to lie, cheat, steal, or tolerate those who do in matters regarding the public and the United States of America.

2) Maintain the database of those who have been sent, taken, and properly executed the pledge, those who have not taken the pledge, and those who violated the terms of the pledge – whether they have taken it or not.

3) Take actions, within the law, to hold those who have violated the pledge accountable. 

4) Stop some Americans from being their “Useful Idiots.” 

5) Associate with individuals and organizations who are willing to help in this effort.  

6) One day be able to say to all elected representatives: “Thank you for your service!”

Almost every day we read, or hear on the news that some candidate or elected representative mislead, made an untrue statement, or told a falsehood.
No matter what you call it - it's a lie!